How CBD Oils Reduce the Intensity of Your Dog’s Nausea

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When we get nauseous, we can eat a few crackers, pop an antacid and lie down until it subsides. Unfortunately, Fido's upset stomach doesn't respond to those kinds of treatments. Have you noticed your dog is drooling excessively today? What about any vomiting, dry heaving or diarrhea? These are a few of the signs that [...]

How Does Dog CBD Oil Differ from CBD for Humans?

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So you've heard CBD oil has some amazing benefits. You may have tried it for yourself.But did you know there are CBD products made specifically for pets? It's true! The same way you can buy toys, food, clothes, and even cars for your dog, you can get your little guy his very own CBD oil.Hang [...]

5 Natural CBD Oils for Dog Seizures and Epilepsy

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It's never easy watching our furry friends suffer. When your normally happy pooch begins acting unsteady, then falls to the floor, tenses and straightens his legs, and twists his head back in a fit, it can be alarming and unsettling. In most of these cases, your dog is having a seizure. While you might not [...]

Must Love Hemp: Why Hemp Oil Can Greatly Improve the Health of Your Pets

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Medical marijuana legalization is increasing. Current research proves the marijuana plant brings all animal species a myriad of benefits. CBD (cannabidiol) products derived from the hemp plant are non-psychoactive and legal in most states. This means CBD is great for patients who want marijuana's healing benefits but don't want the psychoactive high from tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). [...]

CBD for Arthritis: Can Holistic K9 Dog Treats Help Your Pup’s Arthritis?

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It's heart-breaking watching your dog in arthritic pain. There are 77.2 million dogs in the US, and 1 in 4 of them suffer from arthritis. Conventional medication can help with the symptoms. But prescription drugs have their own side-effects. The great news is that CBD is a safe, effective and holistic treatment. It can reduce [...]

Organic CBD

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For the best possible results from cannabinoid usage, opting for organic CBD products will always deliver the best results. What is organic hemp farming?   Organic farming has become something of a buzz phrase over recent years. The principles behind it, however, are incredibly simple: Organic farming involves growing crops without the use of artificial [...]

CBD Products

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CBD products have become all the rage over the past few years, with mentions of these hugely beneficial products becoming more and more common. However, despite increasing awareness of the potential CBD can offer to both humans and animals, there’s still plenty of myths and misconceptions of what these products can offer. So, in an [...]