CBD for Pets

Pets are not just our animals, but members of the family. They deserve the highest quality ingredients in CBD for pets. Plantacea pet CBD products are made with domestically grown hemp, inspected for highest quality and effectiveness. It is all natural and THC-free, meaning our CBD for dogs, cats and other furry friends is a safe and simple solution to anxiety, inflammation, gut health and more.

Many people have found that medications meant to treat issues such as gut health, epilepsy, arthritis and more in their dog or cat come with adverse side effects. Side effects like loss of appetite, vomiting, and convulsions have all been reported from various pharmaceuticals meant for pets. For this reason, many turn to alternative, natural remedies for things like pain and inflammation in their pets. CBD is a naturally-occurring compound that is safe for both humans and animals, and with our pet CBD oils and chews, you can find a natural solution to many common pet ailments.